Artistic Research

Art Class

Finger painting fun.

Finger Painting



Weaving the Artist's Web

Led by Enrichment Teacher Sher Loomis. This is a brand new cultural enrichment program for 2012-2013. It is intended to introduce the children to 16 art mediums, artists who use those mediums, art from around the world, classical to contemporary art, and seasonal art. The focus on art will be from mid-August to mid-January. The rest of the year will be filled with musical delights! 16 musical themes will be introduced/explored from musical storytelling to a drumming circle! We will also learn about 4 different styles of music/musicians from classical to the blues! As each child experiences this class they will become more in tune to the magic of art and music all around us and within us! Each class will also include sacred circle time, both indoor/outdoor adventures, and so much more!

Nature supplies

Variety of mediums including natural elements.

Sher in classroom

Collage work.